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Invest in maternal nutrition to end world hunger: World Hunger Day 2024

World Hunger Day 2024 – Globally, 1 in 10 people go to bed hungry every night and 3 billion people can’t afford a healthy, nutritious diet.

This World Hunger Day 2024 – on Tuesday 28th May, The Hunger Project is urging investment in nutrition for mothers to break the cycle of malnutrition and hunger affecting millions worldwide. The 2024 theme, “Thriving Mothers, Thriving World,” highlights the critical role of maternal nutrition in ending global hunger.

Despite producing enough food to feed everyone, over 1 billion adolescent girls and women suffer from malnutrition. The effects are passed down from mother to child. Malnourished mothers give birth to malnourished babies. These babies suffer irreversible impacts on their physical and cognitive development, which limits their future potential. It creates a vicious cycle of chronic hunger.

Every country in the world is affected by malnutrition. It has developmental, economic, social and medical impacts for individuals and their families, for communities and for countries.

The good news is by supporting World Hunger Day 2024, we can end the cycle of malnutrition and hunger. Investing in the nutrition of mothers, mothers-to-be and their children breaks this  cycle, and creates a world where healthy mothers give birth to healthy babies, who can reach their full potential.

“We are at a critical moment,” says Tim Prewitt, President and CEO of The Hunger Project. “Conflict, climate change, and rising food costs are driving a global malnutrition crisis, disproportionately affecting women and children. Investing in their nutrition today is crucial to breaking this cycle.”

Grace Chikowi, Country Leader of The Hunger Project-Malawi, emphasises, “We must address malnutrition before achieving any other Sustainable Development Goals. An investment in preventing malnutrition is truly an investment in a future thriving world.”

World Hunger Day 2024, founded by The Hunger Project in 2011, has become a significant global event, uniting individuals, organisations, governments, and companies to address the food crisis. The 2023 campaign reached an estimated 2.5 million people worldwide.

On Tuesday, 28 May, the charity aims to unite people, organisations, governments, and companies alike, to champion investment in nutrition for mothers, ensuring that mothers and their children thrive.

In the highlands of Mexico, The Hunger Project is working with Indigenous communities to address chronic hunger. By promoting nutrient-rich local crops and traditional recipes, they improve nutrition while preserving cultural practices. Initiatives include establishing tilapia ponds, seed houses, and community demonstration plots to engage community members in sustainable agriculture.

Anita, a mother in the Eastern Region of Ghana, has been participating in The Hunger Project’s maternal and child health programs. Through exclusive breastfeeding and local food preparation education, Anita is ensuring her son receives the necessary nutrients to grow and thrive. These are just a few examples of how investing in maternal nutrition builds healthier communities.

For more information about World Hunger Day 2024 – visit https://thehungerproject.org.uk/act-now/world-hunger-day/

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