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Quadrant2Design visits International Food & Drink Event (IFE)

Food and Drink Expos in the UK are thriving, and are becoming increasingly valuable to buyers and suppliers. Quadrant2Design, the leading supplier of custom-modular exhibition stands for food and drink events, recently visited IFE.

IFE is the UK’s largest and most successful event for product sourcing, across various sectors including food service, retail, hospitality, and import and export. The show took place from the 25th until the 27th of March 2024 at ExCel London. IFE is part of Food, Drink, and Hospitality Week, along with The Pub Show and the Hotel, Restaurant & Catering Show. Suppliers find excellent new business opportunities and raise brand awareness. Buyers find the latest trends and innovative products from industry leaders.

Quadrant2Design Design Consultant Lauren Squire who visited the show said:

“We visited on day two of IFE and there was a real buzz in the air from both suppliers and visitors. Exhibitors I spoke to were positive about how successful the event was for them, even only halfway through.

At a busy and vibrant show like IFE; having a stand that catches the eye is key. The competition to attract a crowd to sample produce or experience demonstrations is fierce. As a Design Consultant, I ensure exhibitors’ stands are inviting, informative and impactful. Quadrant2Design are experts in ensuring briefs are met using a modular, reconfigurable and sustainable solution. Our stands have a 100% graphic look and can host bespoke features including product showcases. It’s great to visit exhibitions and see the benefits of our reusable system and design.”

Quadrant2Design Created Five Exceptional Stands for IFE

Exhibiting with Quadrant2Design at IFE this year were Actiph Water, 3 Aces Water, Jersey Dairy, Packaging Mode and Hotel Suppliers.

Actiph Water exhibited at IFE to showcase its innovative hydration solutions: Acti-VIT, Acti+, and Actiph Water. The show was a fantastic opportunity for Actiph to generate new leads and connect with potential buyers! 

Quadrant2Design visits International Food & Drink Event (IFE), Takeaway Times Magazine

Before partnering with Quadrant2Design, Actiph Water found it challenging to effectively display three brands on one stand. Quadrant2Design did a fantastic job separating the products by space, colours, and lit showcases that flow seamlessly from one brand to the next. 

The Actiph Water team said:

“Before we had very bright, block colours for the stand which separated the products a bit too much. Whereas this stand separates them by space but they still go together by colour!” 

3 Aces London, the leading American goods wholesaler in the UK, also exhibited at IFE with Quadrant2Design.

Quadrant2Design visits International Food & Drink Event (IFE), Takeaway Times Magazine

IFE was a success for 3 Aces London; they showcased their products through a stand that perfectly reflects their brand! The 3 Aces team envisioned a “candy-shop vibe” for their exhibition stand and Quadrant2Design delivered with walkways connected to lit showcases that resembled candy shop aisles. 3 Aces London enjoyed this immersive shop effect, along with other features like backlit graphics, capturing visitors’ attention. 

The 3 Aces London team said: 

“We’ve had a lot of feedback! Everybody is coming here to take pictures of the stand itself! Quadrant2Design has really delivered.” 

Jersey Dairy, a farmer-owned dairy company on the Island of Jersey, was thrilled with their exhibition results. Quadrant2Design helped their client stand out from competitors with vibrant and eye-catching graphics. The stand attracted many international customers, helping Jersey Dairy reach its import and export goals. Not to mention, the ice cream samples were delicious! 

Quadrant2Design visits International Food & Drink Event (IFE), Takeaway Times Magazine

The Jersey Dairy team said:

“ We have had a very diverse number of customers from different markets around the world. The stand worked very well for us, particularly with launching our new products” 

Expert Tips For Exhibiting At Food & Drink Events

Quadrant2Design has over 20 years of experience in the exhibition industry and has compiled some advice for potential exhibitors. 

Choose Modular/Reusable

Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging is becoming increasingly important in the food and drink industry, and many suppliers are extending these values to their exhibition stands. Since Quadrant2Design stands are reusable, they are a sustainable exhibition partner.

Quadrant2Design visits International Food & Drink Event (IFE), Takeaway Times Magazine

Quadrant2Design exhibition stands are built within their Swiss-designed Prestige Events System. All of the stands are modular, reusable, reconfigurable, and sustainable. Quadrant2Design’s modular system refers to the stand hardware that slots together like Lego to create a finished product. No tools are required and no dust or fumes are created on build day, which is particularly important for food and drink events. 

Many exhibitors choose Quadrant2Design for the Free-Hire Plan, which allows clients to invest in graphic panels and loan the hardware of the stand. Since the stand is reconfigurable, clients can change the layout for future events, while reusing graphic panels, which saves money over the exhibition calendar. 

When people hear reusable, they sometimes assume they will use the same-looking stand for every event. However, at Quadrant2Design, a broad range of stand features offer near-unlimited design choices from high-level branding to custom-lit showcases. Features can be added or removed from the stand, and updating graphic panels as required keeps branding current and fresh, so it feels like you have a new stand each time!

Pre-Build Reassurance 

Conducting a full pre-build is the only way to guarantee a flawless stand on event day. Quadrant2Design fully pre-builds every exhibition stand days or weeks before exhibition day as part of a thorough quality check. Clients of Quadrant2Design are invited to visit their pre-build day at the Poole Headquarters to experience the stand in person. Some even use the pre-build to practice product-display placement ahead of the event. If Quadrant2Design clients cannot attend their pre-build Project managers share photos and videos of the stand built in full. 

Choosing an exhibition contractor who does not pre-build is a great risk; Quadrant2Design do not recommend taking this chance on your stand. 

Project Management 

At Quadrant2Design, all exhibition stands are project-managed by in-house professionals for stress-free exhibiting!

The last thing you want when exhibiting is to be worried about your stand. At Quadrant2Design, experienced Project Managers take care of everything from initial design to event day; ensuring a perfect exhibition stand. This means clients can focus on products and event strategies for the day, instead of dealing with or personally building the stand. Simply turn up ready to exhibit!

Before choosing an exhibition contractor, Quadrant2Design recommend asking these 9 crucial questions. 

Food and Drink Event Calendar Lineup 

IFE is just the beginning of a busy exhibition calendar for food, drink, and hospitality businesses. The Retail Technology show kicks off on the 24th of April; Quadrant2Design has 7 clients exhibiting. And, on the 29th of April, Quadrant2Design will be at the Food & Drink Expo with 6 exhibitors, including reconfigured stands for 3 Aces London and Actiph Water. 

Quadrant2Design hosts one of the largest online exhibition film and photography libraries. Examples of their work, including IFE, can be viewed at https://www.quadrant2design.com/.

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