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New Disrupter Enters Takeaway Fight

Fresh entrant to UK takeaway market announces new and improved business model offering 90 per cent lower costs for takeaway restaurants than current competitors, including zero commission

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HeyMenu enters the competitive UK online takeaway industry with plans to disrupt the current market and its competitors, with a new and improved business model.

HeyMenu will connect takeaway restaurants and consumers via an easy-to-use and personalised website and app. The challenger has been closely monitoring industry developments for some time and has a firm understanding of what both takeaway restaurants and consumers need. HeyMenu’s proposition is to provide up to 90 per cent lower costs to takeaway restaurants than competitors. This is in addition to more personalisation and dependable technology that ensures orders are not dropped, payments are secure and reliable and deliveries are tracked from restaurant to the front door.

The soft launch of HeyMenu sees the company on-boarding an average 500 takeaway restaurants per week, developing at a significant fast-pace, prior to any substantial marketing activity. The company will launch its full proposition to consumers in December, shaking up the current battlefield that is the UK takeaway industry.

Chris Howard, CEO, HeyMenu, comments: [quote]“We have been watching, learning and researching for a while and have identified a number of significant advancements that could be introduced within the industry. Takeaway restaurants have to pay large percentage fees to be on certain websites, such as Just Eat and Hungry House, but we believe they are not being empowered for the price they pay. Their businesses are thriving, however not as much as they should be, as they are unable to retain most of the profits to re-invest into their own business. Instead they are working harder and probably for less return.”[/quote]

[quote]”Customers and restaurants have been well educated by the other platforms by being offered convenience and a huge range of choice. However, we want to offer a more rewarding experience and provide unique, personalised options for those who love good food. Our contact centre has only been live a few days and we are already receiving an overwhelming response, achieving above business plan sign-ups to our service.”[/quote]

HeyMenu’s aim is to provide the most attractive commercial offering to restaurants, ensuring that each retains most of its profits, which can then be re-invested and result in an enhanced quality of service to consumers. With these priorities, HeyMenu aims to become the provider of choice for restaurants and consumers alike.

With the on-going success of its soft launch, HeyMenu is on track to reach its target of on-boarding 10,000 takeaway restaurants ahead of its December launch, and anticipates on-boarding up to 250 per day from there on. As a sign of confidence, HeyMenu offers a full money-back guarantee to all restaurants that sign up, if they do not save in the first six months.

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