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The Next Generation Of Added Value Frozen Poultry Is Here!

Meadow Vale Foods launches a brand new range of 6 chargrilled chicken lines. The Sizzling Chicken range is the next generation of added value frozen poultry.

Featuring 6 new lines of hand cut and boneless chargrilled fillets, thighs and skewers, the Sizzling Range is bursting with flavour and offers the ultimate uncoated chicken option for menus across the food service industry. 

The succulent pieces of breast fillet and thigh are marinated in a variety of authentic herbs and spices, before going through a unique chargrill process over mangrove and coconut shell to provide the ultimate smoky finish. The individually quick-frozen pieces are then number counted into a range of vibrant, fully printed foil bags that lock in the flavour, ready to be reheated straight from the freezer to a happy customer’s plate in minutes!  

Grilled chicken is growing in popularity, particularly for those with special dietary requirements and the health conscious. The Sizzling range therefore allows chefs to grow sales by creating a balanced menu with a seriously tasty uncoated option that appeals to wider audiences. 

From the upmarket restaurant to the high street takeaway, it’s never been easier for chefs to create the ultimate menu without the need to prepare with fresh ingredients. 

Less fats, less salts and packed with protein, here’s an in depth look into the three cuts on offer from this groundbreaking new chicken range…

The Sizzling Chicken Thigh range

Defining succulence. Three lines of seriously tasty boneless chicken thigh fillets, marinated in an authentic mix of herbs and spices before being chargrilled on both sides over mangrove and coconut shell. 

No longer is it required to hand prepare and cook chicken thighs from fresh… the Sizzling Chicken range brings all the fresh appeal required without the risks of using raw chicken and consistently provides a melt-in-the-mouth experience. 

With three authentic flavours to choose from including Original, Shawarma and Piri Piri, the Sizzling thighs are 120g of succulent boneless chicken that are a perfect fit for a wide variety of dishes straight from the freezer, from the wholesome Shawarma wrap to the piquant Piri Piri rice box.

One of the best qualities of chicken thighs is that it is very difficult to overcook them. Whether chefs choose to oven cook, grill, Merry Chef or BBQ the Sizzling Chicken Thighs, the crispy skin and succulent centre will hold out if the cooking time goes over by several minutes, meaning chefs can be rest assured of a quality product in busy service periods. 

Shawarma and Piri Piri flavours are trending on high streets across Britain, reflected in some of the largest high street food outlets including German Doner Kebab and Nandos. Shawarma boasts a traditional well-seasoned flavour that compliments the succulent thigh perfectly, and Peri-Peri is a flavour profile synonymous with chicken thighs. The initial juicy bite, followed by a slow building kick of spice and citrusy aftertaste will keep your customers coming back for more, whether you’re a QSR, street food vendor or takeaway shop. 

The Sizzling Chicken Fillet range

The Sizzling Original and Piri Piri Chicken Fillets truly offer a product for all purposes in food service, from the ultimate chicken burger to chicken salads. These 150g chargrilled chicken fillets are hand butterflied, marinated and charcoal grilled before being individually quick frozen and placed into foil sealed bags 13 pieces at a time.

The uncoated profile offers a healthier option and a lower calorie count without compromising on flavour, meaning opportunities increase for a wider menu offering and a broadened interest from customers. 

Meadow Vale is the one stop shop for those seeking the perfect grilled chicken burger option. The chargrilled fillets offer a consistent large bun coverage due to the 150g hand-butterflied portion sizes, that also provide a rustic home-made feel. The flavour is all in the chicken, simply add any salads, sauces and garnishes to create a vibrant tower of burger brilliance. 

Alternatively, the fillets can be sliced into visually appealing strips or bite size pieces and added to a wide variety of great tasting dishes from a loaded chicken fries or nachos, to salads, rice boxes, wraps, noodles, pizza toppings and many more! 

The Sizzling Original Chargrilled Chicken Skewers

Marinated for 20 hours in an authentic blend of herbs and spices, the Sizzling Chicken Skewers provide a chargrilled flavour to savour. 

Featuring a succulent mix of thigh and breast fillet, with a perfectly balanced flavour including garlic, cumin, paprika, chilli, oregano and coriander, chefs are presented with a versatile product with multiple menu applications, on or off the stick. 

Using just one Chicken Skewer can create the perfect kebab, wrap or gyros by reheating straight from the freezer via the griddle, Merry Chef or oven. Once cooked, the chicken easily slips off the uncharred bamboo sticks straight on to the plate, providing the ultimate fresh chargrilled experience. 

Each bag holds ten skewers, with the flavours locked in to the vibrant foil packaging. Experience a 100% yield with zero waste by simply taking what is needed from the freezer over a long shelf-life period, without compromising the quality, taste or fresh appeal of the chicken. 

Enquire today! 

To find out more details and receive support with product information, pricing, marketing and much more, get in touch with our friendly team today by contacting 019786 66100 or fill out the contact form at www.meadowvalefoods.co.uk 

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