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Revealed – The Best Cities for Takeaways

Bristol, Glasgow and London are among the best cities for independent takeaways in the UK.

  • A new report from SumUp1, the leading global fintech company, has revealed the best cities in the UK for independent takeaways to thrive.
  • Bristol, Glasgow and London are the top three cities in the UK for independent takeaways.
  • The study took into consideration numerous factors including the number of independent takeaways in each city and their average review score.

In recent years, there has been a bigger spotlight placed on independent businesses, as consumers become more conscious of their local communities and the impact their purchasing behaviour has on the environment.

Considering the market size of takeaways in 2023 was £22.4 million, it’s no wonder thousands of Brits are setting up their own independent takeaway businesses across the country. Looking at the number of independent takeaways and their average reviews, SumUp1 has revealed the best cities in the UK for independent takeaways based on the number of takeaways* in each location and the average review score of the business.

Top 10 cities for independent takeaways:


Bristol has been dubbed the best city for independent takeaways, according to the data, with a grand total of 142 takeaways across the city. Not only does Bristol have a huge variety of takeaway options for locals to enjoy, but the average review of these takeaways was also an impressive 4.33 out of five, giving it an overall score of 2.51 and making it one of the best reviewed set of fast food spots in the whole of the UK.

Glasgow, home of the deep friend mars bar, is another independent foodie hotspot, with a whopping 158 independent takeaways to choose from. Despite having more takeaways than Bristol, the businesses’ average review was 4.18, just slightly lower than that of Bristol’s indie fast food spots.

London rounds up the top three cities for independent takeaways, home to 136 independents. Whilst this number is lower than expected, given the capital’s size, the ranking didn’t take into account the numerous chain or franchise takeaways in London. The diverse independent takeaways in the capital score a respectable 4.30 and cover practically every single cuisine, making it a takeaway wonderland for food lovers.

Corin Camenisch, Product Marketing Lead, at SumUp comments: 

We’re rooted in supporting independent businesses beyond financial technology. By understanding and spotlighting the best cities in the UK for businesses to thrive, we’re aiming to provide valuable insights to entrepreneurs. Whilst the sheer number of independent businesses in each city is a crucial part of our research, the quality of the businesses reflected by customer reviews is a powerful indicator of both success and satisfaction within each city.”

For more information, please visit: https://www.sumup.com/en-gb/business-guide/best-uk-cities-for-independent-business/

1. The data was pulled from Google Maps in January 2024. Please note, “independent” * refers to three or fewer of the same independent stores across the United Kingdom /each city. Chains and franchises have not been included in the ranking.

Images credit: https://freeimages.com

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