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NEW meaty bites from Funnybones Foodservice

The new varieties of meaty morsels from Funnybones Foodservice may be bite-sized but they pack a big punch. Full of Tex-Mex flavours, these little flavour bombs put meat at the centre of the dish.

Fun1, Takeaway Times Magazine

Ideal as part of a Tex-Mex themed sharing platter, both varieties of meaty bites are perfect partners to any number of complimentary Mexican products from the Funnybones Foodservice range. Try sweet potato chips, corn chips, salsas, guacamole and spicy chicken wings.

Alternatively, try the porky mouthfuls in a sub, wrap or sandwich, dress them up as a starter or sell them with dips as a bar snack – there are numerous ways to make sure they are the centre of attention.

Fun1, Takeaway Times MagazineThe new Spicy Albondigas (right) are Mexican spiced meatballs with the rustic appearance of homemade meatballs. Made in the UK from quality minced pork lightly spiced with chilli and herbs, these taste great as they are, or can be served with a sauce – chipotle would be great.

Available in packs of 50 individually quick frozen pieces, these arrive fully cooked and can be oven baked or microwaved from defrosted.

Also new to Funnybones Foodservice are the Antojito Pork Belly Bites. Antojito is Spanish for small bite, and these tender cubes of pork belly are slow cooked in a mild Ancho Chilli BBQ sauce, perfect for serving with a cocktail stick to allow the consumer to dip the bite into the chilli sauce.

These fully cooked porky bites are available in 500g packs of approximately 20 pieces and can be cooked from frozen in a variety of ways.

With their expertise in food from the Americas, Funnybones Foodservice are uniquely positioned to bring the flavours of the region to the market, and offer high quality products with the true flavours of Tex-Mex.

To find out more call 01707 321321 or visit www.funnybones.co.uk.

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