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New Forest Ice Cream unleash new branded waffle cone!

With ice cream being a particular favourite amongst customers of all ages, serving a premium brand, a varied selection of flavours and a choice of desserts, tubs, scoops and cones can help drive sales throughout the year. Now, thanks to the latest product launch from renowned, family-run ice cream manufacturer, New Forest Ice Cream, in the form of quality, branded waffle cones, businesses can enhance the potential of ice cream sales even further – just in time for summer.

New Forest Ice Cream Branded Waffle Cone, Takeaway Times Magazine

Perfect for retailers, ice cream parlours, cafés and coffee shops in high-footfall tourist locations, the branded cones are the optimum carrier to any number of flavours and varieties of ice creams and sorbets. The velvety smoothness and rich, indulgent flavours of New Forest Ice Cream combined with the crispness, of this new branded cone is a match made in heaven. New Forest Ice Cream already offers a wide variety of different cones, holders and accessories to spruce up the simple scoop but the new launch represents the first time the company has released its traditional waffle cone with the iconic New Forest Ice Cream logo included.

The new branded cones are truly unique products, offering real individuality for businesses and demonstrating high attention to detail. The neutral taste of the batter which is cooked to perfection to form a golden brown wafer and crisp texture, make them ideally suited for all flavours of both ice cream and sorbet in the New Forest range. Featuring a sturdy design, the cones are suitable for generous scoops; ensuring eating on-the-go is easy and enjoyable for the entire family. What better way to make your customers visually aware that you serve and support a quality independent brand than with a personalised waffle cone?

[quote]“It only seemed right to create a personalised New Forest Ice Cream cone to go hand in hand with our ice cream. On a summer’s day, no ice cream is complete without a deliciously crisp cone made from the finest recipe, to achieve that classic flavour that we all know and love. Like our ice cream, we ensure our cones are of the best possible quality and have more purpose than the perfect holder for your favourite scoop. We have carefully selected our cones for their exceptional taste and texture to enhance our ice cream in every way, selecting the best product to ensure our ice cream is always enjoyed to the fullest.”[/quote]

Director of New Forest Ice Cream, Christina Veal

Available in packs of 180, the cones can be stored for 24 months from manufacture in ambient conditions.

For further information on the New Forest Ice Cream cone or to find out more about the entire range from New Forest Ice Cream please visit www.newforesticecream.com or call 01590 647611.

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