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maximise returns from hosting culinary events, Takeaway Times Magazine

maximise returns from hosting culinary events

Priava, the leading cloud-based venue management software company, has announced that a growing number of professional caterers and restaurants in Australia, New Zealand and the UK are choosing the company’s technology to help facilitate the booking and running of food-based events across a range of venues.

maximise returns from hosting culinary events, Takeaway Times Magazine

Head of Sales, Australia & Asia at Priava, Mikaela Strickland, having worked as both a chef, front of house and in the event management sector commented, [quote]“From my own experience, running multiple events across different sites can be a complex and time-consuming process with the potential for error if poor communication exists. Naturally, restauranteurs and caterers want to be able to provide an exceptional experience for guests, but at the same time they need to make the most of their available resources.

Priava helps hospitality operations of all sizes to manage bookings more effectively and provide easy access to real-time information. This results in clearer communication, increase in staff satisfaction and significant financial returns in the shape of reduced time spent on administration and staff training. In addition the team has the ability to host an increased volume of events with higher client satisfaction leading to higher rates of repeat and referred business.”[/quote]

Mikaela believes that when it comes to achieving ultimate efficiency, automation is the key and that features like Priava’s “Formulas” enable hospitality teams to work quicker and smarter. She comments, [quote]“Formulas is a great example of how Priava removes manual processes, in favour of automation. It reduces the time taken for users to calculate charges for things like staff, catering, audio-visual equipment by eliminating the need for manual calculations which means that they can reinvest their time and energy into providing a better service experience for their clients. This is just one example of how Priava eliminates time wasted on basic tasks, but this also applies for many other features such as “Packages” and “Master & Sub Events.”[/quote]

Priava provides restaurants and catering companies with the tools that they need to plan for and effectively deliver food and beverage service at a range of functions. From capturing enquiries, through to creating menus and catering packages, producing function sheets for staff briefings, and producing post-event reporting to measure profitability, Priava is the essential ingredient for managing catering for events effectively.

Priava’s Catering Module

As well as providing a real-time platform for booking, managing and reporting on events, Priava’s solution also offers a dedicated Catering module that enables teams to create custom catering items for sale, record menu descriptions, cost & sale prices, financial (general ledger) codes and commentary/notes for all food and beverage items. In addition the team can easily allocate and report on a discount to secure a booking and associate a formula to an item.

Restaurants and caterers who have recently selected Priava include:-

Camden Dining (UK)
Street Feast|London Union (UK)
Barefoot Beach Weddings as part of Margaret River Hospitality Group (AU)
Beta Bar & Gallery as part of Alpha Restaurant (AU)
Blond Catering (AU)
Cafe Del Mar (AU)
Compass Group (AU)
Fresh Catering (AU)
Our Big Kitchen (AU)
Collective Hospitality (NZ)
Continental Catering (NZ)

Key benefits Priava delivers to caterers

Here is a summary of key benefits that caterers realise from using Priava

• Managers can run multi-venue reports from any location
• More effective staff cover – enables mobility of employees across different sites
• Single database provides centralisation, consistency and saves time
• Easier and faster training – new team members can be trained remotely and efficiently
• Head office can access financials, update templates and manage licensing
• Business intelligence through improved reporting
• Cross-selling of venues & functions across a hospitality group
• Controlled access for users e.g. read-only users
• Built in CRM provides more effective prospecting of new and existing customers
• Popularity with staff aids talent retention

About Priava’s Technology

Priava is a cloud-based and centralised event management & booking system aimed at venues of all sizes – from meeting rooms through to large stadia. With its familiar and easy-to-use web interface, the software requires minimal training, yet its powerful functionality provides all the complexities involved with multi-venue availability, including event logistics, CRM, sales & marketing, catering, business intelligence, equipment and resource requirements. Unlike other systems, all Priava customers are always on the same version of the software, so venues can always access the latest features and enjoy the benefits of being part of a global community of users.

Offered in the cloud as a service, Priava enables venue managers to arrange and plan future venue availability and review both customer history and ongoing operational trends in real time. The results are to boost the customer experience whilst maximising the venue’s overall efficiency, number of bookings and revenues.

Key modules that form part of Priava’s software include; an easy-to-use CRM system that allows users to add & edit contact, organisation and opportunity records with ease, Events & Bookings which combines the ability to access a sophisticated venue chart together with the ability to find, add & edit event bookings, Online Calendar & Enquiries which has been developed to boost efficiency for organisations that manage venues that need to be booked on a self-service basis such as internal meeting rooms or external facilities that are in high demand (e.g. sporting facilities, community halls etc.) Catering & Inventory allow users to attach food, beverages, resources and equipment to quotes and event bookings with advanced reporting on profits and losses as well as the ability to link to accounting packages, Advanced Permissions which enables administrators to control the information that users have access to, and Priava’s REST API which allows Priava to sync information with 3rd party systems.

Cloud software is being rapidly adopted by the venue and event management industry who demand fast, reliable and secure access to key information, at any time and from anywhere.

With minimal training, the Priava cloud platform enables venue managers to work on multiple events at the same time, rapidly locate any event, contact or account record, manage calendars, and review confirmed events. Using the standards-based REST API, Priava’s system can also be easily and quickly integrated with other complementary third party systems such as accounts or marketing.

About Priava

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Priava is the World’s leading cloud-based venue management software company that specialises in delivering venue and event management solutions using the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business model to a wide portfolio of niche markets in the venue and events sector. With additional presence in London, New York and Christchurch, the company supports a diverse range of venues across the globe from single venues through to 100+ multi-site operations.

For further information, visit: www.priava.com

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