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Hospitality sector gets ally in battle against Dirty Dozen, Takeaway Times Magazine

Hospitality sector gets ally in battle against Dirty Dozen

Hotels, pubs, takeaways and restaurants worried about drain blockages inconveniencing their customers and biting into their profits now have an ally in their battle against the Dirty Dozen.

UKDN Waterflow (LG) has designed a poster that hospitality businesses can put up in their premises to advise customers how they can help prevent 12 common causes of blocked drains.

Thousands of drains in hotels, pubs, restaurants, and cafes are blocked every year, making toilets and sinks unusable, because customers use them to dispose of items that should go in a bin.

The ‘Dirty Dozen’ hit list includes wet wipes, nappies, sanitary products, fats and oils, razor blades, and medical syringes.

National drainage specialist UKDN Waterflow (LG), part of Lanes Group, is making the posters available to download from its website – ukdnwaterflow.co.uk/dirty-dozen. It will also send printed versions to businesses that get in touch.

Hospitality sector gets ally in battle against Dirty Dozen, Takeaway Times Magazine

Director Andy Jackson said: [quote]“Our Dirty Dozen posters are designed to educate the public about what is a growing threat. We recognise businesses need to get their customers on their side to prevent these drain blockages. Many don’t realise their actions can inconvenience hundreds of other people, and cause a serious financial loss for the businesses whose facilities they are using. Our new posters are designed to clearly and respectfully ask customers not to put any of the items and substances among the Dirty Dozen down sinks and toilets. Instead, they should go in a bin. As a drainage company, we are continuously called out to clear drains and sewers blocked in this way. But we feel we have a duty to help our customers prevent such problems before they can occur.”[/quote]

In the worst cases, Dirty Dozen items – such as wet wipes, fats, and oils – mix together to create fatbergs that can block sewers for up to 100 metres or more.

Andy Jackson said: [quote]“Fatbergs can cause serious flooding and major inconvenience for thousands of people at a time. Businesses face heavy fines if they have not taken steps, such as installing drainage interceptors, to stop fats and other polluting substances getting into the wastewater network. Even with such measures in place, the Dirty Dozen can threaten a business’s reputation and financial security. Putting up our posters is a positive step, hotels, pubs, clubs and restaurants can take to keep their drains flowing freely, and to demonstrate due diligence in tackling a serious problem.”[/quote]

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